iMediaLogger - Digital Logging Software for Radio
Flexible. Proven. Popular. Three reasons to use iMediaLogger

When introduced in 1999, iMediaLogger set a new standard in software based audio logging, archiving, skimming and storage – and is still setting the standard.

iMediaLogger - Versatility and proven performance

iMediaLogger – Proven, Flexible, Powerful.

win-OMT's iMediaLogger is deployed across a very broad base of clients of all sizes and formats.

iMediaLogger can be employed at any location since it seamlessly integrates with both iMediaTouch and all other automation systems. iMediaLogger works easily and efficiently with tuner cards, switchers, satellite receivers, external closure devices and silence alarms.

win-OMT's latest iMediaLogger Version 6 is built on decades of experience, client input and win-OMT's continued commitment to product investment.


iMediaLoggger enables your station

  • Time shifting & delayed broadcast
  • Mass distribution with WebSecure+
  • Best of shows - auto record without spots
  • Podcasting - auto post recordings to the internet
  • Audible traffic affidavits - proof of airplay verification
  • 24/7 logging - perpetual recording
  • Mic Skimmer - for your On-Air talent
  • Competition monitoring, sales eavesdropping & programming
  • Digital archiving - of historical content
  • Compliance logging - for stations legally requiring program content logging


iMediaLogger Digital Logging Software - Perfect for all Broadcasters

iMediaLogger works with

iMediaLogger works with Motu, Lynx and Audio Science sound cards

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